LawlessRO Beta V1.0.0.1

11/11/19: We have updated the Guild Raid to only include one Treasure Chest which drops more consumables and usable items such as bubblegum, OCA and yggberries. Stronger monsters and larger mobs now spawn and Sryx has included two new field maps where the Assassin & Archer Guild Raid will activate. 

A big achievement for us now, we have included the MVP/Monster Mercenary NPC's which are located in Izlude. For 17 Bronze Coins you can rent an MVP Monster Mercenary from the selected list. For just 1 Bronze Coin you can rent a Normal Monster Mercenary. At this time you can rent as many Mercenaries as you can afford. The rental time lasts 30 minutes and upon player death the Mercenaries are dismissed.

Slight change to the cost of the Full Buffer, which is now only 8 Bronze Coins, as well as the Sin & Archer Buffer cost is now 3 Bronze Coins, all other Buffer NPC's cost 2 Bronze Coins. All NPC's are located in Izlude.

We are working on a Random Bronze Coin Quest NPC and you can test the Beta NPC in Prontera next to the Skull Trader NPC.

GM Lawless has decided to include an MVP Arena. PK/PVP is active in the MVP Arena. The MVP Arena NPC is located in Prontera Center.

Next update will include a fully functioning Random Bronze Coin Quest as well as updated Headgear Quest items in a more simplified format for easy questing. We will also be implementing a fully functioning V4P Rental Shop as soon as possible. Enjoy!

LawlessRO Beta V1.0.0.0

7/01/19: Spent time with Sryx and we have set up the server and basic scripts. Sryx worked his magic with something called a Bounty Script, so we have this feature now implemented on the server. There are a couple issues with the script and we would request that any bugs be reported to if you see them arise. The purpose of the script is to allow players to place a bounty on a player that is on a killing spree, but it can also be used to place bets on other players or just having some fun with your friends. You can place a bounty by using the NPC in Izlude and entering the player name exactly as it appears. Once the player name has been confirmed, it will prompt the bounty payment, which is starting at 100,000z and goes up to 1,000,000z, and you can repeat this process as much as you like and it will stack, even from other players placing a bounty payment. Once the player is killed by another player, the total zeny bounty will be paid to the bounty killer.

Other scripts that we have arranged are located in Izlude, and include the Bronze Coin Buffer, Food Buffer and other Class Specific Buffs. The Bronze Coin Buffer will give players all buffs for the cost of 10 Bronze Coins, where the Food Buffer and Class Specific Buffs will cost only 3 Bronze Coins. Bronze Coins can be acquired by collecting Player Name Skulls which drop when a player is killed. The Player Name Skulls can be exchanged for Bronze Coins in Prontera at the Skull Trader NPC. Be warned, the Skull Trader will debuff you when you exchange skulls for coins, this includes any player buffs and Bronze Coin Buffs.

Sryx has also developed a +10 Safe Refiner script which is located in Izlude. This refiner will allow you to refine any armor or weapon to +10 at the cost of 10 Bronze Coins, 10 Elunium and 100,000z for each refine. This is subject to change with the balance of the server economy, and we may remove the other refiners to limit refine's to this specific NPC only.

Next to the above scripts, Sryx, madliquid and Emistry worked out an epic MVP Purge Event which spawns MVP's in Rachel, Prontera, Payon and Morocc every hour. When the MVP Purge Event begins, darkness will fall upon midgard and night mode will be activated until all MVP's are killed. Sryx also made a Guid Raid script which spawns 3 Treasure Chests full of consumables, OCA's and loot which is protected by MVP's, Shinobi's and Raydric Archers. The Guild Raid will occur on PVP/PK maps and encourages everyone to get to the map where the event is located. Guid Raid occurs every hour and will announce when the monsters are killed. We have set up a daily WOE cycle which allows capture of the WOE castles for up to 2-3 days at each location. You can view the WOE schedule in Prontera.

We will be working on the donation, vote and MVP Mercenary scripts for the next beta phase. Please send any feedback, praises, hates or bug reports to and we will take your opinions into consideration. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!