Current Server Status

LawlessRO Rules

#1 - NO Racism, NO Physical Threats, NO Spamming, NO Soliciting Sex or Drugs. Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning or ban.
#2 - DONATIONS are for Bronze Coins, Consumables, MVP Mercenaries, Rental Items and supporting the server and are non-refundable.
#3 - DO NOT purposefully use chat boxes or vending to block NPC's, warps or to troll other players/GM's.
#4 - DO NOT exploit bugs that result in any gain of player zeny or item duplication. Please report any bugs to GM's.
#5 - DO NOT scam/steal people of their items, accounts, zeny or reward/voting points.
#6 - KS (KILL Stealing), GREEDING, LOOT Stealing, Dead/Bloody Branches, PVP, PK are all allowed and no complaints should be rasied to GM's because of this.
#7 - Player names should NOT include any special characters, fonts or foreign languages. English alphabet A-Z or Numeric ONLY!
#8 - There are only 3 GM's: Lawless, Sryx, and madliquid. Please report any imposters to